About us

About us

We are everyday People

We're on a mission to help people grow businesses that make them beam with pride.

There are over 5 million small businesses in the UK. More of us are growing businesses that care about people and the world we live.

We've created a hub which brings together values-driven business support, learning and people who share our ethos.

So, everything you need to grow a values-driven business is at your fingertips.



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Our values

Making a difference
We do our bit to make the world a better place.

Learning & growing
We’re always learning and seeing different perspectives.

Kindness & empathy
We are kind to ourselves and others as we learn along the way.


How we can help

Our three directories make it easy to get the right support, work with people who share your values and continue to learn with purpose.

1. Get support
We all need a leg up sometimes. In our support directory, you'll find organisations that can help you grow a values-driven business.

2. Work with good folk
Find people to work with who have the skills you need and values that give you a warm fuzzy feeling.

3. Learn with purpose
In our learning directory, you'll find webinars, courses and events to help you grow a business that makes a difference.

Sam Agnew, founder of Everyday People

If you're after some inspiration, read our stories.

I'm only a message away if you need me for anything. sam@everyday-people.org

Sam Agnew
Everyday People